Business Litigation | Corporate Law Services

Selecting an accomplished business lawyer to work on the legal framework of an important business matter is a great first step at finding some peace of mind and assuring that all possible challenges and solutions have been considered. An independent attorney may see the business matter with a different perspective than you, your associates or previously existing counsel. Given our particular experience in business litigation and our level of knowledge pertaining to business law, our advice to you may provide additional assurance and affirm that your existing lawyer is on the right track, under the circumstances


When clients are faced with a lawsuit or administrative complaint, an experienced trial attorney can provide efficient resolution. Companies can also benefit from our experience in matters relating to former employees and to protecting confidential and trade-secret information.

Business Litigation Services:

  • Disability claims and workplace accommodation complaints
  • Discrimination claims under federal and state laws
  • Employee theft cases
  • Employment contract and benefit disputes
  • Fair Labor Standards Act claims (minimum wage and overtime) and claims under Florida’s Minimum Wage Law
  • Family and Medical Leave Act claims
  • Noncompetition, nonsolicitation and confidentiality agreement claims
  • Private and public whistleblower claims
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR), and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
  • Wrongful discharge claims


Today’s workplace is often heavily regulated. Proper establishment, filings and management processes are critical. Our legal advice can enable clients to achieve their business objectives and remedy substandard employee performance. The most common benefit of hiring attorney Roberts for legal counsel is to avoid the mistakes that often lead to litigation. A proactive approach often proves to be most cost-effective in the long run and provides clients with the peace of mind they require to move forward with business.

Legal Counseling

  • Organization establishment
  • Compliance with all local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations
  • Employee layoffs and terminations, reductions in workforce and plant closings
  • Pre-employment screening and drug-free workplace programs
  • Wage and Hour investigations and Department of Labor audits
  • Drafting of employment contracts, noncompetition, nonsolicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • Employee benefits assistance
  • Employee handbooks and workplace policies
  • Protection of trade secrets and other confidential business information
  • Training regarding discrimination and sexual harassment prevention
  • Union avoidance training and labor negotiations