Case Examples | Condominium Law

Roberts Law Office has provided condominium law expertise and successfully taken actions on behalf of condo associations, property owners and developers alike. Below are samples of actual cases that Roberts Law Office has fulfilled in service of its clients throughout New Hampshire and Maine.

Legal Actions on Behalf of Condominium or Homeowners Associations | Condominium Law

F V – Condominium Association
Quite title action on behalf of association in dispute with abutter over easement rights to association roadway. Result:  revision of easement eliminating access to association roadway.

Negotiated purchase of water system serving association.  Petitioned PUC for approval of sale.  Result:  sale approved without hearing; association exempt from further regulation.

D T – Condominium Association
Injunction action on behalf of association to enforce pet policy and policy regarding limitation on number of occupants per unit.  Suit pending

R H – Condominium Association
Assisted association with subdivision of unit by owner.
Assisted with loan for $250,000.00 repair and renovation.
Document review & revision in mixed commercial and residential property

O H – Condominium Association
Assistance with loan of $3 million+ for repair and replacements
Collection of delinquent accounts
Foreclosure of unit for delinquency

H H – Condominium Association
Assisted association with problem owners with unreasonable demands for information

S C – Condominium Association
Assist association with transition from developer control
Address issues re: Developer Warranties

B R – Condominium Association
Litigation re: developer warranties. Result: settled for additional work on units
Litigation with owner claims of damage – Settled for limited waiver of fees.

  • Assist with insurance coverage
  • Advise re: issues with property management company
  • Assist with delinquent accounts

S H – Condominium Association
Advise re: developer use of association roadway
Advise re: interpretation of documents & revisions
Address issues re: over 55 community

G V – Condominium Association
Advise owners re: conversion of units from seasonal to year round use.

V C – Condominium Association
Litigation with developer re: addition of units to condominium
Result: negotiated settlement for addition of units

Legal Actions on Behalf of Condominium Owners | Condominium Law

J D – Condominium Owner
Litigation over interpretation of bylaws
Assist owner re: withdrawal of privileges

J M – Condominium Owner
Suit on behalf of a unit owner whose unit in 1920s building required reconstruction from latent defects. Result: Court order for association to rebuild unit & payment of owner’s expert witness fees.

Legal Actions on Behalf of Condominium Developers | Condominium Law & Business Law

G H – Condominium Developer
Represent developer with approval issues before Town board.  Result: agreed upon reinstatement of project.