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For legal services of the highest standard, Roberts Law Office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is dedicated to achieving the best possible resolution to your case. Attorney Sanford Roberts is highly educated and experienced in every aspect of New Hampshire and Maine homeowners’ association and condominium law. Roberts is also a successful corporate litigator. Staying current on any changing laws is very important to us so we can pass this information on to you. Roberts Law Office specializes in the area of

The majority of our legal services focus on condominium law, real estate law and corporate matters .

You can trust Attorney Roberts tot put your best interests at the forefront and respectfully point you in the right direction on cases he is not best suited to resolve himself. Your representation and counsel will be provided to suit your specific needs and provide you peace of mind. Do not face your legal problems alone.

Contact attorney Roberts today to determine what we can do for you. Attorney Roberts can assess the possibilities for your case and determine the best course of action to take in pursuit of a beneficial result.