Clear Communication is Key for Condominium Association Management

As many can attest, being on the board of a Condominium or Homeowners Association can often be a thankless way to serve a community. Problematic owners can make life stressful and very difficult at times.

It may surprise you to hear though that some association boards make matters worse for themselves through a lack of communication. Some boards do not hold open meetings, do not send minutes of meetings to unit owners, will not speak with owners directly but require them to communicate through the property manager. That is no way to run a community and frankly these are poor communication process that can escalate situations.

I have found that dealing with difficult individuals is much more manageable with regular communication. These general steps can go a long way to help your board find mutual respect and understanding:

  1. Make sure your documents are clear. This is crucial! If three different people do not have an identical understanding about what the document says and means then it is a good idea to have those documents modified for clarity.
  2. Respect Individual’s Privacy. A board is often privy to sensitive personal information of an owner. There is no statutory requirement for a board to disclose specific information about individual owners personal issues or financial situation even if an owner requests the names of other delinquent owners.
  3. Hold Consistent Meetings.